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The Team

Executive Leadership
Carbon County Republican Party

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Paul Metevier

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Phone: 307-922-6213

Chairman Paul Metevier has an extensive background in management, education, experience and commitment to ethics and values. Chairman Metevier is a constitutional and fiscal conservative who is a Christian that believes in following the path or calling placed before him.

Paul Metevier has over 22 years in production management across the country. He also contributed by serving in the military,  working public service within government agencies, and running his personal businesses.  Additionally, as an infantrymen and leader in the US Army he experienced and seen much of the world. Spending time on the line as well as working operations at the Brigade level after a service connected event. This afforded a vast experience in troop leadership, combat stress, managing high pressure situations, long and short range planning, equipment and asset deployment, training, and a variety of other tools and skills.

Chairman Metevier has been committed to community service through most of his life. From the military and government work already listed to working with search and rescue, donating time and resources to assisted living homes, raising money for school lunches and programs, and politics.

His work with the Carbon County Republican Party began in 2018 when he started his work as a precinct 2-2 committeeman. Eventually being asked and elected as a State Committeeman for Carbon County in 2020. While serving Carbon County, Chairman Metevier served as a national delegate for the presidential elections in 2020, served in the resolutions committee at state convention multiple terms, served in the crime and law subcommittee, served as a mediation committee member for the State Party.  During his service to Carbon County the Party Censured and removed recognition of Liz Cheney as a Republican, this was later adopted by the State Party with the National Party also taking action.

Currently Serving as the Carbon County Chairman of the Wyoming Republican Party: Term 2023-2025

Scott Petty

State Committeeman


Ryane Metevier

State Committeewoman

Joyce Menke

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Vice Chairwoman

Phone: 307-348-7003

Joyce Menke along with her husband, Francis "Bug", ranch at Elk Mountain. They enjoy their kids and grandkids. Joyce has served on the Carbon County Senior Services and the Library, a bank board of directors, land use county board and a city council. Quilting, knitting and crocheting keep me busy in my spare time.


Mike Foland


Sheryl Foland


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