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The CCRP is Carbon County's Republican grassroots. Our precinct women and men carry our counties' conservative Republican voice. We take issues to the county, state, and national levels until we are heard.


Sign up for information, activities, community, and social or group events. Help us work on issues or topics, and monitor and push our current legislative activities. Interested in being a precinct representative, ask us how!!


We are a family or team of like-minded individuals who comprise a large portion of our community. We hope you as a conservative Republican will take part, ownership, and responsibility in becoming active in shaping our future for our kids and community by signing up today.

The role of the Carbon County Republican Party is: to recruit citizens to join the Republican Party; to establish the Platform of the Wyoming Republican Party; to achieve the election of Republican candidates who substantially uphold the platform of the Wyoming Republican Party and to conduct the business of the Wyoming Republican Party in Carbon County. [Wyoming Republican Party Bylaws, Art. I-3(1)]


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